A Little

About Myself...


Thank you so much for visiting my website!

I hope you find my work as exciting, interesting and professional as I do!

My name is Laura Umberger and I am an alumni of Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Class of December 2018 graduating with my Bachelor of Science in Interior Design and a minor in Business Administration. I approach every project with a completely open mind. Something that I strive for in every project is a sense of “blindness” to what has already been done and letting the clients’ needs and desires be at the core of what I am creating. The clients’ happiness is truly at the center of every project I complete, and nothing brings me more joy and happiness than seeing a smile on someone’s face because of something that I have helped them with. Being an Interior Designer allows me to have a positive impact on people’s lives as I help them bring their fantasies and dreams alive, and that is what makes me happy and makes me want to continue in this career.  I truly hope my designs will continue to reflect why I am doing what I do, and will continue to show the success and perfection that I strive for in all I do.

In my free time, you can find me either relaxing lakeside with my fiancé and going fishing or hiking, or staying at home and creating baked goods in the kitchen. My passion in life is truly focused around my family and friends so anytime that I am with them I am living life to the fullest. I am always the happiest around them and whenever I can lend a  helping hand to anyone that needs it.