Grand Hotel

The Aspen Grand Hotel is a one-of -a-kind must-see hotel situated in the mountains of Aspen, Colorado allowing guests to “ooh and aww” over the views of the city. Art and culture dominate this “rural city” so this hotel is meant to showcase various artists of the city. Tourism is a big aspect of Aspen, Colorado so this hotel can accommodate many different functions and guests. The main goal of this space is to provide travelers and guests with an up-scale relaxed experience while incorporating the outdoors inside. High ceilings and many wooden features, such as beams and trusses, mimic the beautiful mountains while neutral tones are used throughout the space to really bring in the colors of the outdoors in a simple but sophisticated way. The two dining spaces are design to be “separate but equal” and are able to accommodate various events, from weddings to karaoke nights, and the guest rooms provide a chance to relax and escape from busy days of having fun in Aspen.

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